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Icon - Fictitious money app free"Fictitious money" appUsing fictitious money, we can simulate your long term investments. That way we work with the most important variable in investment - the psychological one.

Icon - Financial portal freeFinancial PortalWe will help you improve your financial health using our videos, podcasts, infographics, and our blog.

Why for free?

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Why should you trust us to improve your financial health?

We help you to improve your financial health and to invest in a smart way, always having in mind your future.

Our vision, mission and method!

Our free web app alows you to use virtual money to simulate your investments. Learn how to save for your future without any risks or costs.

Mock Investments with our WebApp

1 Create your profile It is fast and simple. We don´t need your ID, account number, or anything like that.

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2 Adjust your portfolio We suggest diversifying your portfolio with a percentage in stocks and another in bonds. Adjust the percentages at your will.

3 Personal Contract Transcribe your Virtual Contract of Expectations© so you and your family can allways be conscious of your investments and what they imply.

When you are investing thinking in the long-term, what matters is to keep calm and don´t let emotions in the equation. That is why we want to help you to keep your head cold when the stock markets are in a bad moment.

4 Follow your portfolio Follow your investments, readjust your portfolio and compare returns.

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Total invested€1500
Total return€1750
Date of inception07/04/2015
DescripctionI want to invest 50 euros every month for my retirement.
CompositionComposición cartera ejemplo

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OpSeeker equipo CEO | Gonzalo CamiñaCEO Our CEO has a great understanding of the financial markets thanks to his studies and experience. He is also a bit of a nomad, but if you ask him to pick his favorite city in the planet he will tell you that his hometown, Santiago de Compostela, is heaven!keep on reading At OpSeeker, Gonzalo tries to make the rest of the team´s life easier. Anything that you want to know about OpSeeker you should ask him.

Passed CFA level I and II.
Double major in financial economy and business administration and a minor in marketing
Methodist University, USA
Master in management with a finance specialization
ESCP Europe, Paris
Structuring and sales intern
UBS, London
Proprietary Trader
T3 Trading, New York
Wealth management intern
BigSur Partners, Miami
Consulting intern
Gold Millennium, Shanghai
see less

OpSeeker equipo CTO | Lucie Hefnerová CTOLucie Hefnerova She started coding when she was 10 years old, 17 years later she is a real "full-stack" developer.keep on reading Snowboarding while listening to SUM41 is her idea of happiness. If you like our design, usability, speed, and, in general, our experience, you should thank her!

Computer Engineer
University of Economics, Prague
IT Master
University of Economics, Prague
Content and Businessess´processes management
Junior specialist in pre-sale techniques
Guarantee and quality analyst
T-Mobile and HP project
IT Applications specialist
Commerzbank and CommerzSystems
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OpSeeker Equipo CPO | Carlos Raposo CPO Carlos Raposo Do you know that friend that can tell you the periodic table by molecular mass while he is partying it up at the club? That's Carlos.keep on reading Always motivated by sky high projects, Carlos studied aeronautical engineering, and now develops IT projects. Experience

Aeronautical Engineering
Polytechnical University, Madrid
Double major in aerospace engineering
Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace
e-commerce expert, CEPADE
Polytechnical University, Madrid
Intern at CFD, s3 project
Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Bélgica
Intern in flight tests real time programming solutions
Airbus Group, Toulouse
see less

OpSeeker equipo non-executive chairman | Carlos CasanuevaNon-executive chairman Carlos Casanueva Every tribe has to have a shaman to protect and inspire, Carlos Casanueva Nárdiz is ours. He is not only an industrial engineer from the Polytechnical University in Madrid (UPM), he also got his MBA from The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania). keep on reading To finish his education, he came back to Spain and became a doctor in financial advice in the UPM. He has worked in important Spanish and International banks such as Citi and Santander, were he put to a good use his financial expertise. Nowadays, he teaches in ESCP Europe and he is an independent advisor for Nationale Nederlanden

In his own words:

In 2004 I decided to publish an article in "El Mundo," "the revolution in financial advice," I wanted to express, after a few years of professional experience, my conviction on the fact that the structural conflicts of interest that existed in the financial system made impossible its correct functioninng.

This is why in 2006 I started my blog, Don Quijote de la Banca to help, with independency and using the new technologies, the largest number of people. In that blog we discussed diverse topics such as financial theory, passive investing, and financial health.
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Gonzalo Camiña Lucie Hefnerová Carlos Raposo Carlos Casanueva

OpSeeker Friends

Arístides SenraArístides Senra Aristides Senra Diaz, Industrial Engineer (2002) and MBA (2006) in UPM, he did an internship in Marketing and sales for new technological enterprises in MIT (2004). keep on reading

He is one of the co-founders of actúaupm, an university entrepreneurial program which most significan accomplishments range from attracting over 3.500 business ideas and creating over 200 companies, to raising over 50 million euros in private funding. In 2007 he was part of Don Quijote de la Banca, a new concept of independent financial advise using internet. see less

Belen NietoBelen NietoAssociate Professor at Alicante University. PHD in Economics and Businesses´sciences. Her research focuses on the valuation and pricing of financial assets. keep on reading Latest papers
2015"Corporate stock and bond return correlations and dynamic adjustments on capital structure" (with Rosa Rodríguez) - Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
2015"Macroeconomic and financial determinants of the volatility of corporate bond returns" (with Alfonso Novales y Gonzalo Rubio) - Quarterly Journal of Finance
2014"Stock returns with consumption and illiquidity risks" (with Elena Márquez y Gonzalo Rubio) - Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance
2014"Volatility bounds, size, and real activity prediction" (with Gonzalo Rubio) - Review of Finance
see less
Gonzalo LandaluceGonzalo LandaluceHe has over twenty years of experience in IT multinational companies and has performed in a variety of posistions from sales to management in HP and Sun Microsystems. keep on reading

He has been the Spain country manager at Veritas Software and Symantc, the CEO in RT (TAS Ibérica) and VP of software in AG Spain. Now he is spending his days between consulting in technology and leadership and directing the editorial segment of Claves de Gesrión. He participated in the executive development program in the IESE, (PDD-995) and studied in the (Superior) Technical School of Industrial Engineers in Madrid (1986).see less

Francisco CasanuevaFrancisco Casanueva Francisco is the millennnials representative among our friends. He has studied in some of the best universities in Europe such as Carlos III and Warwick University, and he has lived in places such as New Zealand, England, or the US. keep on reading

In one wolrd: a globetrotter. The people at Neovantas, an international consulting firm with presence in Europe and America, are really happy to have him in their ream. At Neovantas he uses his expertise to help clients to extract the highest alue from the resources that they have, visible or hidden. Key to his job is comprehending the working systems, and changing grop dynamics to be able to modernize the operational efforts of the companies. What Francisco tries from Neovantes is that his clients stay competitive in a world ever complex and volatile. ¡A great addition to our team! see less

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